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EH:PTFE Composited Fabric Safety Shield


Patent No. : ZL201230125524.5ZL201430035965.5ZL201430035971.0ZL201420084722.5ZL201420084723.X

PTFE composited fabric safety shield is our company's original,it both can satisfy complex application, and can provide a suitable price.It is coated on the outer flange connections,tie or rope  tightened at both ends with the special materials.When the flange leakage,It can fully prevent liquid splash and cache the tiny leakage liquid,so you will have enough time to take the necessary emergency measures.

You can watch internal leakage with your naked eye by the PH indicator,rather than test through the instrument.It can be used in the outdoor,low/high temperature,UV,etc for long time.It also can be washed and reused several times.You only need to replace the PH indicator,that will lower using costs greatly.The operation is so quickly and easily,isn't it?

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